Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Verona and Venice


We made it through a week and a half already....hard to believe! Work is much different than this summer. Where this summer we were taking field trips and playing games this summer, now we are changing diapers, feeding bottles, and patting backs to put children to sleep. The kids are cute, but I definitely enjoyed the work this summer much more than I do here. We also have to walk 45 minutes each way to work every day! I don't mind the walk most days, but it often rains and that puts a damper on the mood sometimes. Oh well....at least I'm getting my steps in everyday! :)

This past weekend we went to Verona and Venice and absolutely loved both of them! Verona was such a beautiful city! We went to Juliet's house and the place where her secretaries wrote back to people writing letters to her. We also went to the Christmas markets in the town square which was a very fun and lively scene. We were very excited to get out and finally see "Italy", because it was the first time since we had arrived that we had really had the opportunity. Sunday we went to Venice and this was where I really fell in love with Italy. I loved how the town was made up of all of the tiny little streets and alleys in intricate little mazes. The scenes were like out of a movie. I will post pictures of both days to show everyone! :)

 Laura and I in front of the Colosseum in Verona!
Our heart shaped pizza for lunch! :)
 Juliet's balcony!
Inside the Colosseum!

In Venice! :)
Laura and I on the bridge in Venice!
The most picturesque scene :) I love all of the little rivers with the gondolas and the colorful houses with their awnings of flowers. So pretty!!!

Next weekend we are all traveling to Rome! We plan to see the Pope deliver his Christmas message in Vatican city and see the sights that Rome has to offer! Should be a fun weekend!

Hope all is well back home! I miss everyone!

Special shout out to all of my first graders at Westfield! I miss you guys very much and I can't wait to come visit when I get back! :)

xoxo, Amanda